2018, subsonic frequencies, found speakers, burlap, drum hardware, wood, soil, Yucca gigantea , vinyl record of plant generated sound compositions 00:30:00, dimensions variable
This installation has three parts; Three standing speakers, a sculpture and a listening station. The three speakers facing the sculpture are pulsing and moving as inaudible sound emanates from them, causing air to flow out as they play subsonic frequencies. This gesture is positioned in relation to the sculpture proposing a question of whether the plant is listening to the inaudible sound from the speakers or if the plant is causing the speakers to produce sound. A listening station is placed on the opposite end with headphones playing the vinyl record of plant generated music compositions. The compositions were recorded in real time and composed at Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia, PA. The plants selected for the album have significance to the history of the garden and include; Solidago canadensis, Ginkgo biloba, Rhus typhina, and Cladrastis kentukea.
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